Friday, May 20, 2016

I Moved To A New Place...

Hello there!

As the title implies I finally decided to switch platforms and I am saying goodbye to my Blogger counterpart.

Blogger has been my home for the past four-ish years and I am truly satisfied with everything it offered. It is such a great stepping stone for any aspiring blogger. This platform is so user-friendly because it imparts the basic foundation you'll need to learn to become a good blogger and I would highly recommend this medium for beginners.

So if that's the case, then why am I leaving?

Personally I just wanted to have a change of scenery and I believe that Wordpress will be able to satisfy that urge. I find that the visual features of the platform is adherent to the style I want to project.

I am truly grateful for every single one of you who took the time to read my content here and I really do hope that it helped you in any way possible. I also hope that you'll continue to support me in this brand new endeavor of mine and I am really looking forward to connect with both Tomebound's old and new supporters through Wordpress.

Thank you very much Blogger for everything, you have done your job superbly.

See you at the new place...

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