Friday, February 21, 2014

Captured Novelties: A Book Photography and Portraiture Feature

Ever since I joined Instagram I realized that I really enjoyed taking artsy photographs. I am a complete amateur in this field and my photos are really basic however I couldn't help but admire some of the pictures I personally captured and edited. As the years pass by and my obsession with Instagram increased, I started taking photographs of (mostly) books that I was currently reading or I recently bought. 

Inspiration suddenly came knocking on my brain when I discovered the wonderful blogs of Lauren (Lauren Reads YA), Heather (Bookables) and Hazel (Stay Bookish). These three amazing book bloggers showcases some really awesome book photographs (you should seriously check out their blogs and see for yourself)! Hence this brand new feature on this blog is born!  

Captured Novelties (if you get my drift) will act like my bookish photography portfolio (aside from the photos that is featured on my book reviews). Bear in my mind we all have different perception of what is creative. You might think that the photographs I take are not creative at all and I respect your opinion.

Stay tuned for this!

Happy Reading,

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